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Just imagine a globe being suspended in that air and up there "for ever."Based on a sophisticated electromagnetic system, objects (or anything else) fly in the air with the support of a magnetic base. By this state of the art invention, it is no longer limited to scientists but is now also accessible to the public. This product with its wonders of physics will capture your anyone's attention! It is mesmerizing, fascinating, and almost magic!


 **Globe lights up on the inside and flashes colors of blue, yellow, red, and green**


Base size: 185*185*22mm


Floating weight:14 OZ


Floating distance: 10-15mm


Base color:black,red,white black wood,red wood or as customized


AC Adaptor: DC Output 15V, 1800mA


The plate can hold 14OZ regular object, and will float and rotate at the same time in the mid-air.


  • Item #: FW770


Price: $119.99
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